Here are all the solutions under our portfolio that we offer

Acquirers / Processors

Pre-certification and faster scheme certification

Terminal Integration

A platform that helps simulate hosts, performs automated log analysis and expedites compliance of terminal acceptance environment with payment scheme requirements.

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Host Validation

At PayHuddle, we help you test the processing of payment messages for speedy acceptance.

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Performance Testing

At PayHuddle, we have helped acquirers/processors with their performance testing needs, allowing them to go-to-market with confidence.

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PCI - DSS Certification Consulting

We offer consulting to acquirers and their merchants on how to be compliant to these standards and protect everyone in the payment ecosystem.

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Personalization Validation

We use various personalization validation test tools to perform both pre-certification and certification solutions

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Personalization Bureau Audit Consulting

We have offere this service to multiple card manufacturing units and Perso Bureaus across payment schemes like MasterCard, Visa and RuPay to helps them reduce the iteration cost and time-to-market.

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Host Integration

We help you with test plan optimization and host integration testing.

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Terminal Vendors

Level 2 kernels and Level 3 certification


At PayHuddle, we have years of experience helping terminals vendors with their testing and certification needs through our consulting, training, and workshops.

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Level 2 Kernels

We offer pre-certified EMV contact and contactless kernels. When it comes to contactless specifications of domestic schemes, we offer custom services to ensure the contactless kernel’s compliance to the scheme implementation.

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Mobile Payment Applications

At PayHuddle, we ensure that the mobile payment applications are quickly developed and deployed in the market and accelerate the transactions across retail, transit and public spaces.

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