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Machine Learning-Based Credit Underwriting

How machine learning can help lenders improve their credit underwriting and allow them to process more loan applications. Sabapathy Narayanan is in conversation with Vasudevan Swaminathan of Zuci Systems

Invisible Cashless Payments - Employee Benefits

Employee benefits in India is a $3.5 to 4 billion market – only a minuscule portion of which is currently addressed. Sabapathy Narayanan is in conversation with Jagannath Panigrahi of Zeta.

Artificial Intelligence Driven Cloud-Based Certification Solutions

Payhuddle is disrupting the certification space with their cloud and AI-driven offerings. This would make it quick and secure for all their stakeholders.

Top 12 Trends in Payments 2018 - How Did We Perform?

We came with 12 predictions for the payments domain at the beginning of 2018. When we look back, we realise that we have hit the bull’s eye on every one of them.

Remote Consulting Terminal Integration Certification

In conversation with Goutham YV, the Sales Director of Payhuddle Solutions. He clearly explains what is remote consulting and its advantages