Count on us

The story of how we came up with our brand slogan

The Beginning

We began operations in 2017, we had a few customers and we started delivering projects for them, and we slowly started to build products in our space.

That’s when we realized that we had to communicate what our brand Payhuddle stands for to our customers. We did a workshop with our team members to identify the essence of Payhuddle and what we want to communicate.

We looked at both the inside-out view and the outside-in view. It included:

Inside-out view
- What do we think about the company?
- What do we think about our offerings?

Outside-in view
- What should the customer feel about us?
- Why should the customer buy from us?


The Insights

We found this exercise allowed us to define the essence of brand slogan that we stand by.

The majority thought of Payhuddle as a free spirit, and have associated values viz., risk-taking, youth, and sincerity. This probably had more to do with the environment and the company culture rather than our offerings. In terms of offerings, the word that fits “free spirit” the closest is “innovator.”

In terms of offerings, the majority at Payhuddle looked upon their role as creators, with associated values viz., champions (leaders) and explorers/magicians (in relation to new technologies).

The outside-in view is far more important, as it gives an idea about what customers think about us, rather than what we think about ourselves.

The insight on what customers should feel about us in one word is trust. We should inspire confidence, provide assurance, and ensure certainty. As a result, we can provide satisfaction, build relationships, and become the first choice of customers.

The insight on why the customers should buy from us is that our track record. It is what offers the proof of our capability. We have delivered on our promises, in equal parts through our customer awareness, authenticity, and accessibility.

Our Brand Slogan

With the outside-in view, we arrived at this brand statement 'Count on us'

“Customers can trust us because of our track record.”

Incorporating the inside-out view as well, the extended brand statement turned out to be:

“Customers can trust us because of our track record of creating innovative products and offerings.”

With this brand statement, and insights like trust, track record, free spirit, and creators, we came up with this brand slogan:

"Count on us"