D-PAS E2E certification

Accredited D-PAS End-to-End certification provider

Discover has accredited us to provide D-PAS Terminal End-to-End Certifications (E2E). Discover is a direct bank and payment services company that operates the Discover Global Network, including Discover, Diners Club International, and PULSE.

This accreditation makes us a part of a select group of companies that can offer certification to clients


Consultation on D-PAS

We are also accredited for providing consulting service on D-PAS implementation for Discover Global Network

This accreditation allows us to offer consulting services during your development stage, testing phase, pre-certification phase, and formal validation on behalf of Discover to ensure that your terminals are compliant with all payment brand requirements.

Our certification-oriented approach results in an efficient process that gets your terminals to market faster.

As a Discover accredited E2E service provider, we are recognized as having expertise in D-PAS acquirer certification and deployment of contact and contactless terminals for payment solutions. We also provide pre-certification consulting to acquirers helping in migration to EMV.

What do we bring to you?


A faster time-to-market with speedy test execution, result submission, and certification


Improved efficiencies of device testing methods mitigating time delays to deployment


A process that will minimize interoperability problems and poor cardholder experience in the market

We have been working with acquirers and processors worldwide, helping them in their chip migration for various payment schemes. This accreditation puts us in an advantageous position to expand our offerings


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