Host Validation

Host validation services for acquirers and processors across payment schemes

Acquirer host connections to the payment schemes have to adhere to payment scheme requirements. This is a pre-requisite before acquirers can get their terminal integration certification and start to perform transactions.


Our Solution

We at PayHuddle, help you test the processing of payment messages for speedy acceptance.

This process can be lengthy and complex, as there are new rules and processes to obtain, understand and implement for every payment scheme.

At PayHuddle, we have provided host validation services for 1000s of acquirers and processes across payment schemes.

Acquirer host-test configuration

Acquirer Host Test Environment

Lithos, the PayHuddle host platform, acts as the network simulator and issuer simulator in performing acquirer host testing. All kinds of issuer responses are simulated including the invalid requests.


Acquirer host test environment - end-to-end testing

This configuration enables simulated messages coming from the payment terminal.


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