TSEC Editor®

A platform to create and edit TSEC files for L3TG migration

It is a tedious process to manually create and edit the TSEC files when looking at a standard L3TG migration. To mitigate the challenges in editing, we have created a TSEC editor® that can help you with it in no time. 

Our platform develops and manages the complex test set files defined by EMVCo to standardize Level 3 terminal testing that defines the framework of test plan, ICS, and card images.



Manual TSEC Editing

Relationship among TSEC's 8 CSV files, Manifest and Reference file is intricate, so is editing them. That Mask bits….

Add a column, not in 1, but in 8 TSEC CSV files as and when you create an Applicability Condition

I wish I could do a copy and paste that cascades to all 8 TSEC files…

Building card/ host expression is complex (APDU.P1.B1….)

I worry if I have to delete or edit a test case, as I have several test cases associated with them

I would like to compare what change is effected in this version against the previous version…needle in the hay

You shall create Test Cases and Questions. The related details like errors, suggestions, test cards, pass criteria are built therein.

You don't worry about it, TSEC editor® handles it‍

You can just copy and paste and relax.

It lets you focus on the expression at hand rather than the formats…

You can check the dependencies and accordingly change

Compared with a few clicks…



Customized reference file for your specific needs


Customized hash calculation for the manifest file


Avoid human errors and loads of time saved


Avoid issues in the field after distribution to tool vendors


Our TSEC editor® is used by some of the leading payment schemes today. 

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