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Accredited Discover consulting services provider

Discover Global Network has accredited Payhuddle as a D-PAS consultancy service provider. With this accreditation, we can now provide D-PAS consulting services to customers worldwide.

This accreditation makes us a part of a select group of companies who have proven they have the expertise to offer consulting guidance and support to Discover clients and partners.


Consultation on D-PAS

With this consulting accreditation from Discover, we can expand our consulting offer to provide guidance on D-PAS end-to-end testing for Discover Network, Diners Club International, and PULSE.

Our consulting to acquirers on D-PAS certification and deployment of contact and contactless terminals for payments and transit will make the customers’ time-to-market faster.

We also offer pre-certification consulting to acquirers when they are looking at migration to EMV.

What services do we offer our customers?


Analyze the current infrastructure and advise on the impact that implementing the DFS service will have on your existing operations


Provide guidance on approved DFS products


Ensure that the current and short-term DFS recommendations or mandates are adhered to promptly


Provide training on all aspects of DFS requirements for the service being implemented, using the DFS training materials provided


Provide project management for the consulting service

This accreditation allows us to offer advisory, guidance, and support services for acquirer and terminal certifications before field deployment.


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