Mantle – Level 2 contact and contactless Kernel debugging and testing

Mantle is a cloud-based automated test platform for Level 2 contact and contactless kernel testing. Mantle allows terminal vendors and terminal manufacturers to debug their L2 Kernel and go for the certification.

This solution can help terminal vendors start the testing process right at the development stage and get their certifications on their first iteration.


It addresses all the testing challenges that the terminal vendors would face:

Terminal vendors will have to get slots from L2 labs to do their debug and comfort testing

Vendors will have to send their terminals to the lab

Debug sessions are reasonably expensive with L2 labs

The developer needs to travel to the lab to help with debugging and iterative testing

Longer execution time makes it a burden both operationally and financially 


Card Simulation

Probe connected to the client machine is personalized through cloud.

Multi-User, Multi-Scheme

Several vendors can test their kernel for several schemes.

Real time analyzer

Test results immediately provided with pointers in logs to debug.


Hosted in cloud or enterprise to cater to various geographies, there by cutting development costs of lab.

Self Debug Tool

Developer can debug their kernel being anywhere in the world

LoA, Waiver Inbuilt

Track LoA, Waiver for various vendors which helps in field knowledge


Some of the key benefits of Mantle include:

It is a self-debug and certification tool with all the certification test cases

Centralized monitoring and control

Process management 

Comprehensive cost reduction – travel costs, debug costs, and certification costs

24x7 access 


One of the leading payment schemes currently uses this to certify Level 2 contact and contactless kernels of the vendors.

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