Terminal Vendors

We help in Level 2 kernel contact and contactless kernel certification and integration across payment schemes and Level 3 terminal type approval.

Terminal vendors (ATM, POS, mPOS) need to be compliant to industry standards and specifications before they can be used in the market.

Compliance with EMV standards is mandatory before they can be used in the acceptane environment.

At PayHuddle, we have years of experience helping terminals vendors with their testing and certification needs through our consulting, training, and workshops.


Level 2 Certification

Rigel, one of the first dual-stack kernels is well adapted to the EMV & payment schemes migration plan for contact and contactless for the global and domestic markets.

Our solution is integrated with the target platform (equipment) and thoroughly tested to guarantee the certification of the Level 2 contact and contactless kernels.

Terminal Integration

We help ATM, POS, mPOS terminals certifiy for L3 on behalf of all payment brands.

We provide end-to-end services including coordination with payment schemes, choosing the right test cases, executing the test cases and analysing them with our testing tool, submitting reports and recommendations for LoA.


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