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Consulting is a real feather in our cap – this is what our customers say!

May 4, 2023

Dear Arjun,

Wonderful News.

Please accept my gratitude for your diligent assistance in completing the Visa Contact Level 3 certification for Hitachi Terminal. We very much appreciate your effort.

And we are awaiting good news for M-TIP as well.

• A processor in Asia

Dear Neetu and Jyothi,

Thank you so much for your wonderful support. Your assistance and efforts in completing this project in such a short amount of time were highly appreciated.

• A processor in Asia

Hi Neetu,

First, your support was highly appreciated. The TSEZ is auto-accepted by Visa for the Visa Contactless L3 test.

• A bank in Middle-East

Dear Team,

Hope you are doing well.

We are very grateful for all the time you have invested in this project.

It is a pleasure to work with you, and we hope to see you soon.

• A bank in Southern Africa

Hi Neetu,
Hope you are doing well. As well as being glad to work with you, Payhuddle Team, we hope to work together again.

• A bank in Middle-East

Dear Team,

Many thanks for the support extended to us so far on completing the MasterCard certification, and much appreciate your prompt actions to rectify the issues.

• A bank in South Asia

These are some of the appreciations we have received from our customers in the last month or so.

Payhuddle Consulting

Our consulting has mainly focused on the acquirer side, especially on the Level 3 side.

Besides, we offer consulting to payment schemes on specification development, review, setting up certification boards, certification management, and creation of project dashboards.

We are also starting to offer consulting to banks on the issuing side.

We are pretty kicked about our consulting offerings. We will focus this post on the consulting we have provided on the acquiring side.

Consulting to acquirers

A few things that we want to talk about include:

#1 Remote consulting

We are the first ones to offer remote consulting in the acquiring space.

When the pandemic set in, most acquirers put their terminal certification projects as consultants could not travel to help them with testing and certification.

Many of our customers were also stuck. That’s when we rolled out our remote consulting services.

With remote consulting, we could deliver the testing and certification services effectively at a fraction of what it would have cost them otherwise.

While it helps the banks tremendously, it has also helped us broaden our scope considerably to other geographies. Today, we are offering these services in 35 countries.

#2 Different customers have different needs

We encounter three kinds of customers.

  • The banks that are highly knowledgeable in the domain

They want the test tools and consulting services, and they want them quickly. We ensure that everything is done within the defined SLAs. We have even executed certification projects for them within a week.

  • The banks that have their own tools and have done some testing

They want our consulting services. We help them with steps to avoid pitfalls and remove challenges in testing. Once the analysis is done, we also help them fix the issues by advising them. Sometimes, we handhold them in their interactions with other stakeholders like switch vendors, terminal vendors, and payment schemes.

  • The banks that are going for certification for the first time

They are likely in contact with the payment scheme, but they have no clue about how to certify their terminals.

We begin with sharing the consulting project guide. We help with the prerequisites, filling up ICS forms, choosing the right features, and selecting the appropriate test cases.

We train them on how to do the testing and how to capture logs. Once we analyze the logs, we go back to them with fixes and handhold them in their interactions with other stakeholders.

From beginning to end, we handhold them in testing and certification.

#3 Timezone needs

As we address customers worldwide, the need for our consultants to be available during their work time arises.

Our consultants are available during their time zones – helping them test, address fixes, coordinate with other stakeholders, and train them.

This has helped them in completing certifications in record time.

#4 Device agnostic

We have helped banks undergo certification across various terminal types – ATM, POS, mPOS, and SoftPOS. We have addressed both the contact and contactless interfaces.

#5 Credentials

We have an EMVCo-qualified Level 3 tool, Tecto, which is used by banks worldwide, and many of our customers also use this tool for their Level 3 testing needs. Besides, we are a Discover Accredited E2E certification service provider and Visa accredited CVES provider.


We are constantly looking at improving our consulting offerings and ensure that we make that delta improvement with every consulting engagement we undertake.

The testimonials from our customers and their continuous engagement are a testimony to our offerings.

You should reach out to us for your consulting needs.

Neetu Kour

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