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Remote consulting helps banks save time, money, and efforts

July 22, 2020


The transactions in the digital payments landscape have gone up tremendously in the last few months. However, banks were stuck as they weren’t able to roll out their new acceptance infrastructure like POS, ATMs, Soft POS in the market.

They had to get their certifications from the payment brands, which wasn’t happening. The banks did not have the skills to test and submit the test logs to payment schemes for certification.

They were all along dependent on the consultants from various organizations to do their debugging, testing, analysis, and submission of logs.

All of these stopped with the lockdown and we started offering remote consulting services to our customers. With remote consulting, we handhold the banks as we were doing earlier, but this time we were doing it remotely. This allowed them to get their certification and at the same time, it reduced their cost, time, and efforts towards getting the certification.

With remote consulting, we helped them from initiating the project until they received the Letter of Accreditation.

We believe that remote consulting would become the new normal when it comes to certification. It works in favour of both the banks and the consulting service providers.

Here, we are in conversation with Goutham YV, the Sales Director of Payhuddle Solutions. He explains clearly as to how remote consulting works and its advantages.

Sabapathy Narayanan

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