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Remote Consulting for EMV Terminal Integration Testing

August 31, 2020


A major bank in South Asia wanted their terminal integration certification to be completed by the end of April 2020. They wanted to start the project by the beginning of April, and it got stalled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The dates kept getting extended, and they were in a fix, and they postponed the certification project indefinitely.

However, card transactions were happening, and only they could not benefit from their chosen acceptance devices.

That’s when we suggested our remote consulting model. They mentioned that they don’t even have the test tools. They said that they are dependent on the testing and the validation tools the onsite consultants brought for their testing and certification.

Is there a way out is what they were wondering?

We reassured them that they didn’t have to worry, and our consulting would address it.


Our remote consulting solution addresses all the challenges of acquirer certification.

We handheld them through the entire process, from certification preparation to certification completion.

We understood their certification needs – payment brands and the terminal types. Based on that, we shipped ready-to-use test cards that are compliant with the latest specifications of EMVCo and the payment brands.

We set out on the certification project by following our remote consulting process.

9-step Remote Consulting process – Certification to transactions

  1. Prepare your test environment
  2. Help you to run the tests using the shipped test cards, and capture the logs
  3. Help you upload the logs
  4. Analyze and validate the logs
  5. Report any issues and suggest how to rectify them
  6. Co-ordinate with other stakeholders (terminal vendors, host vendors) to explain the issue
  7. Submission of logs or help you submit the logs to the payment scheme for certification
  8. You get your Letter of Accreditation
  9. You can roll out your terminals in the market and start doing transactions.

Benefits for the customer

We handled the full project coordination on behalf of the bank. We did all the coordination with terminal vendors, host vendors, and the payment brands.

It saved considerable costs, time, and efforts for the bank.

Why should you consider remote consulting even post-pandemic?

  1. Better commercials
  2. Aggressive timelines
  3. Multiple projects in parallel
  4. The key is the avoidance of paying the consultant for sitting idle when the bank or the vendor fixes the issue
  5. Round-the-clock support irrespective of time zones and geography

Next steps

I am sure that you would find this interesting. Write to us, and we can get you started with remote consulting.

After all, your terminal integration certification doesn’t have to stop for anything.

Goutham YV

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