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Why Android POS has become the preferred POS system in the Market

August 7, 2023


The most significant advantage of using Android POS Tablet is that it can be used in-store as well as on the go.

While in-store capability is a given, it is perfectly suitable for retailers to sell on the go. Take your store to trade shows, pop-up stores, or even use it in a food truck.

Replace PC – POS

Android POS tablets can replace the expensive PC – POS systems in most supermarkets and retail outlets, with all the bells and whistles that they come with. Besides, the advantage with Android POS tablets is that it comes with better ease-of-use, and the costs are not prohibitive.

POS essentials – how Android tablets fulfil them?

Android POS tablets can be used across verticals – both in-store and on the go. It comes with all the necessary peripherals – printers, barcode scanners, fingerprint scanners, Bluetooth, SIM slots, and WiFi connectivity,

Android POS tablets can accept all types of payments – card payments (magnetic and chip-cards), QR codes, and it comes integrated with many payment apps like GPay, PayTM, PayPal, and the likes.

You can use them in restaurants, telecom merchant outlets, supermarkets, self-checkout kiosks, movie halls, aircraft (with offline mode), entertainment systems, and fuel dispensers. It can be used on the go in the shop floor of supermarkets, and by the cops and tollbooths for fine and fee collections.

Data on the cloud

As all your data is stored on the cloud, you can access them from the comfort of your home – inventory management, analytics on goods movement, sales charts, and reports.

You can even access how well your staff is doing at different points in time. All of this is available 24×7 and from anywhere with Android POS tablets.

Key factors to consider

1. While Android POS tablets are gaining a lot of traction and are expected to replace the PC-based POS, are they built for commercial use?

2. Android POS tablets are sleek; they are easy to use and are durable enough to handle any volume of transactions. It can withstand an occasional drop or a spill.

3. The operating system is backed by Google, which means you know that you are getting a high-quality product.

4. Besides, multiple vendors manufacture Android POS tablets, and you, as a retailer, have the choice to choose what you like based on what fits your business.

5. As an outlet owner, your upfront costs are a fraction of what you would shell out for your PC-based POS systems.


It is just a matter of time before Android POS tablets replace the legacy POS systems.

Portability, ease-of-use, easy-on-the-pocket, sturdy hardware, and improved features are some of the reasons why Android POS systems will grow at a healthy rate.

Goutham YV

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