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AI-driven cloud-based payment brand certification solutions

July 27, 2020


Payhuddle, the upstart in the certification space of payments domain, talks about its plans.

Payhuddle has gotten into a mode of disruption in this space. We are moving all our test platforms to the cloud to make it easier for acquirers, issuers, vendors to debug, and certify their hosts and products.

We are also helping payment schemes in cloud-enabling their platforms that allow them to run their certifications quickly and securely.

Most vendors and banks usually buy test tools, and they get stuck with it because they don’t use them around the year. It only gets used when they introduce new acceptance devices or form factors in the market.

What is the payback time for their investments?

It takes a reasonably long time, and most often, they get their paybacks only partially.

Cloud-enabling tools and platforms

Given this situation, Payhuddle is making all their tools and platforms available on the cloud. This would allow banks and vendors to subscribe for a specified period and perform their debug, testing, and certification. In essence, you get the payback immediately.

Those customers who run their certifications throughout the year, they have the option of buying the tools and platform outright, which gives them the payback.

Payhuddle is looking at being flexible when it comes to testing tools and platforms, and we have a solution for everyone and for every need.

Artificial Intelligence

Payhuddle strongly believes in making their tools and platforms intelligence. We are including Artificial Intelligence as a part of our offerings that allows our platform to learn continuously and offer intelligence to the customers.

For instance, the customer should be able to figure out why a particular test case failed and the possible reasons for it. This would allow them to fix them during the debug stage itself.

What this means for them is that their certification gets done in the first iteration itself. Our offerings will help our customers save time, money, and efforts in their testing and certification projects.

Watch the video where Prakash Sambandam is in conversation with Sabapathy Narayanan.

Sabapathy Narayanan

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