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That Uncomfortable Decision to Holistic Development


The Scariest Part of My Life

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a hard time for everyone. Gah, even I was home for almost a year after college. That’s when I met Saravanan at PayHuddle, who was so simple and approachable. In the final interview, I came to know that I was going to be the only girl working if I got selected.


Did you guess the scariest part of my life, huh? Here it is:

Boo-hoo, I got selected, which scared me a lot more than the thought of living without a job.

That Uncomfortable Decision I need to Make

What if every other girl thought like me and missed the opportunity uhh?

Sounds bad, isn’t it, eh?


That was my family's concern, and they motivated me to take this opportunity.

Ahh, you already guessed my decision, I boldly decided to come out of my comfort zone despite my anxiety about working as an only girl and long travel.

Err, sometimes the hardest thing you go through and the right thing are the same.

The Real Journey Started Here

I joined as a developer, and within a month, PayHuddle made me feel like, it was my home.

Later, I was shifted to the testing team, as there were a lot of opportunities. It was difficult initially, but now I evolved to manage it alone, and it’s drastically increasing my confidence at work, yay!

A critical key to your success will be confidence, and an essential key to your confidence is preparation. Do your preparations well. Zing!

Zero Mistakes = Zero Learnings

Whoa, I won’t say that I didn’t make any mistakes during all these times. All I ever learned is from my mistakes, not from my success. In all my mistakes, there was my leadership team who guided me through them and understood me in my way. I always felt that openness to approach them.

My Learnings

I learned a lot about the payments domain, that was yay! Now, I am in the position to guide the juniors, which was a struggle before, umm, as I may not know what they were asking most of the time, but not anymore.

Oy, I won’t say I am an expert here. There is much to learn from each other, as people are experts in their fields.

Whenever there was a need for me to gain new skills, knowledge, and abilities, I was given enough resources and support. There were more challenges and many opportunities to grow diversly. All the knowledge I have gained now is from the testing and development teams.

Ahh, when I turn back and see my last two years of experience at PayHuddle, I can see that it’s not just my professional development, I had grown holistically at PayHuddle.