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Mechanical Fresher to Lead Developer


Skill and Learning Matter’s here at PayHuddle

“Uhh, I studied PCME (electronics), did my engineering in Mechanical, and am now looking for a software domain job, so here I am.”

That was my answer to our CEO’s question, “How do you justify that you are always keen on learning new things.”

PayHuddle was my first company to approach; now, I am a lead developer after three years. Besides my technical knowledge, I got hired mainly because they thought I fit for PayHuddle’s culture. 

The Details

I know it looks so simple, but here is another side:

I started to work as a mechanical engineer at a firm in Hyderabad which made me realize, uh-uh, this was not what I wanted. After quitting my job, I decided to change my stream completely and get into the software domain. I started freelancing as a web developer, tsk-tsk, which was not going well.

Ahem, that’s when I realized that I needed a software job. Then, I got a call from our Product and Consulting head, Indranil.


Mhm, you know what might have happened?

How did it Start?

On my first day at PayHuddle, i.e., the day of the interview, I understood how they get the work done here, and that gave me a glimpse of what is expected from me. The next day I got a mail confirming my selection. Gee! That excitement never dropped.

From the very beginning, I had the freedom to express my thoughts which is one of the best perks of working here at PayHuddle.

How It’s Going?

Following are some additional perks:

  1. It was always about learning, not the mistake. i.e., to learn from our mistakes and not repeat them continuously.
  1. We support each other: It’s not always the work. During all the critical times, my team and management gave me all the moral support I needed.
  1. Quality Matter’s - Why? I was handed a consulting project where I reported to the client. It was entirely new to me again. I got the point that I must learn and then do it. It’s not about the time demand but the quality of my work. A week later, they gave us the entire project, and we became a service provider to our client, not a consultant anymore.

The Change

From fresher to lead developer, well, it's not only the role name. It changes with knowledge from constant learning, responsibility, understanding of the work, part of the project to the entire project, and trust in me and my work. That’s my growth and learning from PayHuddle.