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Payhuddle helps the best retail bank in Sri Lanka with their terminal certification by international brands in eight weeks

The customer has been recognized internationally as the best retail bank in Sri Lanka from 2007 to 2017. The customer has also been placed among The Banker’s Top 100 banks globally. 

The customer had a dual interface PoS system, and they wanted to accept Visa, MasterCard contact, and contactless cards. They wanted their dual interface POS terminal to be certified for MasterCard M-TIP & Paypass and Visa ADVT & Paywave.

Why did they come to us?

  1. Our experience of having helped 100s of acquirers, processors, and merchants in their terminal certification projects 
  2. Our ability to do project management of projects in the Level 3 space
  3. Access to qualified test tools to perform testing, analysis, and submission of logs for approval
  4. We were the most cost-effective certification consulting service provider in the market 
  5. Our agile technical support – our SLAs are in hours and not days

Customer challenges

  • The customer was running dual interface PoS terminal certification for the first time. They needed technical support in understanding this certification project
  • They needed project management and technical skills to coordinate among the various stakeholders like the host developer, terminal developer, OEM, and the bank’s technical team 
  • They had short timelines to roll out this acceptance device to the market

What did we do? 

As soon as we signed up with the customer, we had a kick-off meeting where we laid out everything related to the project. 

Based on the discussion, we took complete ownership of the project. We helped the customer initiate the project with the schemes and fill out the ICS forms. We coordinated with all the stakeholders like the acquirer host developer, terminal developer, OEM, and the bank’s technical team. 

We identified the issues, helped each stakeholder understand the issues, and suggested how to resolve those issues. This really helped them address the problems quickly. 

Then, we helped the bank test the terminals per scheme requirements, analyzed the test results, rectified the issues, and submitted the logs for the Letter of Approval from the schemes and the respective certification labs. 

Throughout the project, we ensured proper communication between the stakeholders, and we submitted daily reports, including the issues and challenges to the customer. We kept them in the loop on everything happening in these projects. 

The entire project took about two months, from initiation to certification. They received all four certifications from Visa and MasterCard.

Benefits for the customer

We helped them reduce their certification timelines by 80% and ensured that their certification went through in the first iteration. 

Now the customer has deployed these dual interface acceptance terminals in the market and has started acquiring transactions. 

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