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One of India's largest fintech companies engaged Payhuddle resources to re-architect their solution for broader market acceptance

The customer is one of the pioneers in merchant commerce in Asia. They use advanced fintech solutions to accelerate commerce. Today, they are on the way to building one of the world's most robust fintech platforms to meet the needs of the modern merchant. 

They wanted to integrate India's largest online merchant in their payment gateway and orchestration platform to accept credit and debit transactions with various transaction types like purchase and EMI. 

Why did they come to us? 

  1. We are one of the few organizations that combine software engineering expertise and payment domain expertise
  2. Our credibility in product development, modernization, and sustenance in the payments space 
  3. Our flexible resource augmentation model, where you can scale up and down per your needs
  4. Our agile technical support – our SLAs are in hours and not days

Development and integration challenges

  • Their team members were constantly changing, and there was very little documentation available
  • Their product designs were messy, and there was no common understanding among various stakeholders
  • While they had the subject matter expertise, they lacked the technology nous required for large implementations like the integration with India's largest online merchant
  • There was no defined software development process

What did we do? 

We integrated our resources as a part of our customers' development team and QA team. 

We spent the initial month understanding their integration requirements with the merchant. We broke it down to the minutest of details. 

We looked at what is doable and what needs tweaking with the existing system. We coordinated with their product team, and our architects worked with them to re-architect and design the solution per the customer's needs.  

Once we had this in place, we helped them define the software development process. We set up all the project management, bug reporting, and test automation systems in coordination with the customer. 

We then defined the sprints and started delivering working prototypes, and kept adding to them in every sprint. We had stand-up meetings every day, addressing the needs of the development and the associated challenges. 

We successfully ensured that our customers' payment gateway is integrated with the merchant in a year. It has gone live now, and the transactions are going through successfully. 

Benefits for the customer 

Today, they have a solution that is easily integrable with other merchants, similar to what we helped them carry out. The architecture and design have made sure that it is future-proof. 

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