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Tecto eases Level 3 Terminal certification for one of the innovative payments technology organizations

Tecto eases Level 3 Terminal certification for one of the innovative payments technology organizations. The customer is a payments technology company that enables businesses to accept digital payments anywhere. They help businesses accept payments and manage transactions across channels, no matter what size they are. They deploy POS solutions for their merchants. They wanted to certify their terminals with international payment brands. They have an in-house certification team, but they wanted a tool to automate their terminals' entire debugging, testing, and certification process. They shopped around and found a handful of vendors offering qualified Level 3 terminal certification tools. After careful evaluation, they chose our Level 3 certification tool, Tecto

Why did they choose Tecto? 

  • Tecto is one of the first tools to achieve EMVCo qualification for its card simulator, TT, and TSE modules
  • You don't have to book a test slot from payment schemes as the tool is certification-ready (Discover and Visa)
  • Tecto can be used for debugging and certification-readiness testing
  • It is a single testing platform to certify all major payment brands
  • It comes with an integrated host simulator for end-to-end testing 
  • Intuitive UX with new-age UI, easy to use, self-explanatory platform, and instant approval from payment schemes
  • On-screen guidance when carrying out the tests
  • Suitable for all terminal types – POS, ATM, mPOS
  • Supports both probe and programmable cards
  • Perform certifications against MasterCard MTIP, Visa L3 Global Unified Testing, Discover D-PAS L3 E2E Terminal Testing, UnionPay contact, RuPay ATM & Micro ATM

Here are some more reasons why they chose Tecto!

  • You only pay for what you use. We charge you for the libraries that you buy and don't bundle everything together at a fat price
  • Agile technical support – our SLAs are in hours and not days
  • Designed in a way that business users can use Tecto for testing while the engineering staff can extract technical information 
  • Auto-identification of test cases for all types of terminals 
  • Retrieve card logs and host logs automatically, real-time log validation, ability to view the transaction logs, and product test reports automatically
  • Analyze card logs and host logs

Benefits for the customer

Tecto reduces the time taken for certification quickly by 80%. With Tecto, the customer doesn't have to worry about the terminal type or the payment scheme for which they need the certification. 

Tecto's support for debugging increases the customer's confidence level while going for certification. In most cases, it gets done in one iteration. 

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