How can we help and enable transaction confidence and performance!

It doesn’t matter whether you are an acquiring bank, a payment processor, a terminal vendor, a payment scheme, or an organization that is in the business of enabling transactions – we have you covered.


Acquiring banks and payment processors

We help them with terminal integration validation and certification, ensuring compliance with payment scheme requirements.

This would allow them to roll out acceptance devices to perform transactions with confidence and performance. We provide single iteration certification for all our customers. We have helped hundreds of acquirers and processors with their certification needs.


Terminal vendors

We help with terminal integration validation and certification, be it ATM, POS, or mPOS.

This ensures compliance with payment scheme requirements. Besides, we offer ready-to-certify Level 2 contact and contactless kernels for terminal vendors. We have worked with multiple terminal vendors with their Kernel certification and payment brand-specific Level 3 certifications.


Payment Schemes

We have helped them create test cards, implemented host simulators for their testing, and developed test tools that their vendors can use for certification.

We have also developed tools that allow schemes to qualify the test tools of vendors.


Organizations in the business of enabling transactions

They would have requirements to build multiple products addressing the dynamic needs of your customers.

For all we know, product development is not your core focus, and that’s where we step in and help you. You can outsource your product development to us and continue to focus on acquiring customers and running transactions. Rest assured, our delivery will cover all the functional and non-functional needs of your product and the environment. Currently, we are helping transactions providers with several product development activities.


Agile Process

Agility has been our strength in everything we do, which allows our customers to take their products to market faster.  

We combine our expertise in software engineering, mobile development, and the payments domain knowledge to deliver value to our customers.

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