Payhuddle’s Functional API Testing Tool.


A tool to functionally test APIs like SRC and QR Code
and role out products to market with confidence.

Stratos, our API functional testing tool can test APIs for functionality, reliability, performance, and security of the programming interfaces.


Today, most digital payments are API-driven, and acceptance using apps have become commonplace with API integrations quickly.

How do you make sure that the APIs perform in a desirable way when deployed in the market?

This is where Stratos help by checking the APIs for functionality, reliability, performance, and security, before the product gets deployed in the market.

What more? You don’t have to be dependent on us to configure test cases, as they are self-configurable to suit your needs.

It also comes with a detailed log analyzer, which would help you locate the root cause of issues, if any.

With Stratos, we have helped some of the large payment schemes roll out SRC in the market.

With Stratos, you can test your APIs better and faster, with minimal skills.



Multiuser testing in parallel


Real-time validation of
test cases

parsed logs

Parsed logs


Multiple endpoints connectivity

process flow

Process flow


Configurable test cases


Scalable and pluggable


Extendable to accommodate
newer products


Management reports