Rigel is a multi-platform and multi-configuration Level 2 Framework. Rigel has been built to simplify the integration of EMV and other payment scheme specific kernels for the manufacturers as well as to simplify acquirer integration projects.

Rigel is one of the first dual-stack anticipating the future requirements of the payment industry. It is particularly well adapted to the EMV & Payment schemes migration plan presented by schemes for contact & Contactless for the Global & domestic markets.

Our solution is integrated on the target platform (equipment) and fully tested to guaranty the certification of the Level 2 Contact and Level 2 Contactless kernels.

It addresses all the challenges Terminal Manufactures & the terminal vendors would face

1. Robust platform with easy integration
2. Plugin kernel library with a very minimal footprint
3. Read-to-certify kernel would ease up the certification process.
4. OS independent architecture to speed up the compilation process.


Multi-platform and Multi- configuration


Customizable as per payment schemes needs


By default, the EMV entry option would be enabled


Unlimited licensing model

1. Cost-effective solution
2. One kernel for all needs
3. Certification ready kernels
4. Flexible & plugin modules