Physical test cards are used for terminal testing Brand Type Approval, debug testing and to run sanity checks on the debug and production environment. Though there are card simulators available for the terminal testing, they are mainly used for PoS, mPoS, and Android PoS testing. When it comes to ATM testing, predominantly physical cards are being used.



Pre-personalized test cards and are ready to use with the capability to store test logs


Dual interface card reader to help retrieve the logs from the card to the system


Desktop application to display and extract the card logs

  1. Already tested and used by multiple payment schemes and banks
  2. Card log reader and log viewer as part of the package
  3. Multiple test engineers can share the individual test cards for testing
  1. One card for all types of terminal devices
  2. Easy to maintain and could be used by multiple engineers
  3. Available for all major brands debug testing
  4. Comes along with log viewer software and display software