Lithos is an automated cloud-based test platform for terminal, host and network. It integrates acquirers and issuers with any payments network. It has the provision to add certification board process.

It addresses all the testing challenges that the banks and networks would face


Cloud Deployment

  • No Geographical constraints
  • No transportation of terminals

24×7 Access

  • No test or resource scheduling
  • No travels
  • No Patches to be remotely depoloyed

Self Testing Platform

  • No resource constraints for the scheme
  • No Terminal patches to be remotely deployed

Self Explanatory

  • No ambiguity — test cases, testing and automatic analyser integrated

Automatic EMail

  • No follow-up mails for reports & status
  • No mail response waiting period.

Integrated Process

  • No multi stakeholder management headache
  • Reduced operational and administrative cost

It reduces operational overheads and direct costs. It gives testing power to the participating banks while allowing the payment networks to retain control of Compliance.

1. Terminal and host integration tests — real time

2. Acquirer, Issuer and Network

3. Integrated test case, procedure
and analyzer

4. Document Repository

5. Multi-User, Parallel Testing

6. Extendable to add new payment test
products like QR code, E-com etc.

7. ISO 8583:1987, ISO 8583:1993

8. Configurable test cases

9. Scalable, Pluggable

10. Management Reports

Schemes can offer cloud-based test platform for testing the terminals of banks/vendors/MSPs, acquirer hosts, issuer hosts – anywhere, anytime and anyplace. Compliance is ensured through centralized Lithos Test Management System.

Scheme Benefits

  • Reduce drastically administrative cost
  • Engineers involve in productive work
  • Centralised test cases management an
  • Manage overall testing and certification 1
  • Clarity in test progress of each bank Benefits
  • Track of certifications and validity

Bank Benefits

  • Test from your site, your system
  • Automatic test analyser to help identify issues
  • Instant test results
  • No patch management
  • Happy development team with debug facility

Lithos helps remove the certification challenges of one of India’s leading payment processors

  • India’s leading payment processor handling millions of transactions on behalf of multiple banks
  • Any new terminal introduction in the market was taking months for certification; number of iterations for every certification was becoming a nightmare as they had to book slots for testing and analysis
  • They wanted to crash their certification timelines and deploy terminals faster into the market
  • We deployed Lithos, which functions as an acquirer, issuer and terminal simulator with support for various payment brands like MasterCard, Visa, RuPay, and Amex. It is pre-built with terminal certification test cases and it does configuration of libraries, test cases and pass criteria
  • The processor was able to run their debug testing, where they could run their internal test cases and certification test cases very efficiently
  • Lithos ensured that all their certifications were done in one iteration