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Tecto, Payhuddle's Level 3 Testing Tool is one of the first tools to achieve EMVCo Qualification for its Card Simulator, TT, and TSE Modules

EMVCo has qualified Tecto, one of the first tools to qualify for Level 3 card simulator, TT, and TSE modules against EMVCo’s L3TG specification
March 15, 2022
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

EMVCo has qualified Tecto, one of the first tools to qualify for its Level 3 (L3) card simulator, TT, and TSE modules based on the latest version of EMVCo EMV L3 Testing Framework.

This means that Tecto can be used for Terminal Integration Testing of Mastercard MTIP CT and CTLS, Visa L3 unified testing, and other international payment brands.

Currently, EMVCo is leveraging it's organizational structure and proven technical expertise to deliver an interoperable framework for L3 testing tools and a standardized EMV® L3 tool qualification process. This streamlined testing experience can be leveraged by multiple payment schemes.

EMVCo has identified 3 main components for EMV L3 test tools and defined a process for their qualification. The tools can be built to support these 3 different components: The Card Simulator (CS) that simulates the cards used for testing, the Test Selection Engine (TSE) that generates the list of tests to run for a specific terminal configuration, and the Test Tool (TT) itself that runs the tests and analyses the results.

Payhuddle's Tecto has received qualifications for all three functions - CS, TT, and TSE. This means that acquirers, processors, and vendors can use Tecto to test and go for certification of their terminals. This would ensure that the terminals meet specific requirements and recommendations across multiple payment systems.

"We are thrilled with this qualification, as this allows us to help our customers reduce their go-to-market timeframes. The most significant aspect of our tool is its intuitive user-friendliness and the fact that it is built keeping the business user in mind. It is simple, usable, takes less time to test & analyze, and comes at an unbeatable cost. It would help run your terminal certifications better, faster, and easier. Tecto would also help us in providing our consulting services on certification for various payment schemes," says Indranil Chakraborty, Head -Product & Consulting at Payhuddle Solutions.

"We believe in this adage said by Leonardo Da Vinci, 'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.' Tecto is the result of our belief in this adage. It is so simple that even business users can use it to test. We have been very active in the South Asian market, and we are making our presence felt in other regions like North America, and Middle-East. With Tecto, we would be able to reach a larger market both with our tool and our consulting. We expect to see a lot of traction due to this qualification. 2022 looks very exciting for us, and we are looking at adding at least 100 logos with Tecto," says Prakash Sambandam, CEO of Payhuddle Solutions.

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