Terminal manufacturers will have to get their terminals certified for EMV Level 1 and Level 2, before acquirers procure them for scheme certification and deployment in the market. EMV Level 2 certification is primarily the certification of the Level 2 Kernel. Contact Kernels are directly managed by EMV, as every scheme follows the EMV specification.

In the case of contactless kernels, every payment scheme has its own implementations. For instance, we have PayPass (MasterCard), PayWave (Visa), ExpressPay (American Express), ZIP (Discover), JSpeedy (JCB),  qSparc (RuPay) and the likes. Within these implementations, every payment scheme offers two different profiles/modes of operation, which are magstripe emulation and optimized EMV that has to be supported.

We offer pre-certified EMV contact and contactless kernels. When it comes to contactless specifications of domestic schemes, we offer custom services to ensure the contactless kernel’s compliance to the scheme implementation.

What do we do?


At PayHuddle, we have the experience of having worked with multiple terminal vendors and helping them with their EMV Kernel needs and handholding them through their certification.