Payhuddle is a payment solutions organization that offers pre-certification consulting, simulators, live test analyzers, certification services, kernel and test tool development for the entire payment ecosystem.

Who We Are

We ensure successful and efficient market integration of products and solutions that use secure chips. Our skills and testing knowledge accelerate product time to market and promote security, interoperability, and confidence that products will deliver optimum performance once launched.


Payhuddle is one of the most sought after payment solutions organizations in the Asian and the North American markets. We work on the latest technologies like SRC, QR payments and Open APIs.

At Payhuddle, we have a combined experience of more than 100 person-years on EMV testing, working with banks, technology providers, and authorities in developing testing frameworks for international and domestic EMV-compliant payment schemes. We have facilitated deployment of near-field-communication (NFC) services and advances within the trusted execution environment (TEE) and trusted service manager (TSM) ecosystem.

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